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Reflecting on 2022 and goals for 2023

Rose Immersion, 36in x 36in, available

2022 was a productive year in my art practice. My proudest accomplishment of the year was completing 50 paintings in 50 days for a local exhibition. Through this process, I honed my artistic voice and learned to make paintings that communicated the beautiful intimacy of everyday moments. I was also so excited to work with one of my favorite galleries in San Francisco, Studio Gallery, by participating in two of their shows: the "Delicious" show early in the year and the "Tiny" show in December. Throughout the year, I challenged myself to get out of my comfort zone and paint larger works, leading to paintings that are more impactful and immersive. Along the way, I connected with other artists and art collectors. I expanded my reach in my community, inviting you into my art practice through my videos and Patreon.

Ramen Shop, 24in x 36in, sold

I can't wait to see what 2023 brings for my art. This year, I will challenge myself to create 12 large-scale paintings. I learned so much from painting 50 paintings in 50 days last year, and I am ready to take these lessons and apply them to a larger body of work. For this reason, I will prioritize larger finished pieces that have a greater impact and resonance with the viewer.

City at Sunset, 36in x 48in, available

In this vein, I will seek out mentors and teachers to guide me along the way. I'm excited to start the year off learning with the amazing oil painter Zoey Frank. Her stunning, complex oil paintings feature beautiful compositions that I hope to emulate in my work. Her work inspired my piece "By the Window," below, which was one of my favorite paintings from this year.

By the Window, 24in x 36in, available

This year I will show up for my art by working thoughtfully to find the right home for each piece. This means expanding my relationship with galleries, art consultants, and interior designers. This also means turning down opportunities in venues that are not the right fit for my paintings. Whether it is in someone's living room or on a gallery wall, I want to ensure that my piece is in the right space to connect with the viewer.

Embodied, 48in x 48in, availble

In service of this goal, I will improve the experience for collectors on my website and blog. A big part of this will involve moving my online store from Etsy to my website. Doing this will allow me to create a custom experience that specifically caters to my collectors. Etsy was a great starting point for me at the beginning of my career, but now I feel that I am ready to build a shop experience that is better aligned with this new stage.

Haight Houses in Gold, 24in x 24in, sold

During this process, I am excited to connect more with you. I hope through my blogs and videos to provide you with a window into my artistic process. Your support has helped to propel my art career from a dream to a reality. I am so grateful, and I can't wait to make my best work for you in 2023. Art has opened my eyes to so much beauty in the world. Whether it is a special centerpiece for your home, a heartfelt gift for a friend, or simply an image that you connect with on your social media, I hope to bring some beauty into your day as well. Looking forward to continuing this journey together in 2023.

Sunset in Potrero, 12in x 12in, sold


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