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What does it mean to be familiar with a place? Often as we become more familiar with our surroundings, we, paradoxically, notice less about them. What was once new becomes mundane. We pass the same houses, the same shops, and the same streets, each day, without casting a second glance. It is only when we devote our full attention to our surroundings that we begin to notice changes, perhaps even moments of striking beauty, in the places we thought we knew.

Through daily walks around San Francisco, I practice paying close attention to the familiar, observing the subtle shifts in light and color throughout the year. In this process I discover beauty and build a sense of intimacy with the forms of the city. My paintings are not photographic records of locations, but instead nostalgic memories of beauty discovered through the experience of seeing.

These paintings will be exhibiting at the annual FourSquared show at Arc Gallery in San Francisco, CA, opening on Saturday, August 26th from 7-9pm.

Each painting is 10in x 10in oil on cradled wood panel and priced at $400. If you'd like to purchase a painting, please send me an email at

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