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Let's Face It 2024

Let's Face It is a transformative year-long art course that delves deep into the world of portraits and figurative art. With a focus on honing your skills and exploring various mediums, this course offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn from myself and 25 other featured guest artists. The class also creates a vibrant and supportive private community where you can freely explore, learn, make mistakes, connect with fellow artists, and continue to grow. This safe space encourages artistic exploration and provides a platform for meaningful interactions with like-minded individuals.

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Previous Workshops


Starting a Sketchbook Practice

Starting a sketchbook practice is a great way to rapidly improve your art skills. In this workshop we will show how sketchbooks can be used to study composition. Using inspiration from daily life, we will practice breaking the complexity of reality into simple light and shadow shapes that can serve as a foundation for future work.

Workshop: Simplifying the Portrait

In this workshop we take the complexity of the portrait and simplify it into basic shapes. This will give a solid foundation to build upon for future portrait painting.


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