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Commission Guidelines

What can I commission?

My commissions are mostly for cityscapes or landscapes, however I do accept some figurative commissions on a case by case basis. You can either provide me with your own photos of what you would like me to paint, or you can request that I take reference photos (e.g. for landscapes/cityscapes).


How long will it take?

This depends a lot on the size of the painting, and on the amount of other projects I have going on. Smaller paintings can be completed and shipped within two months, while larger paintings may take several months. Let me know if you are on a tight schedule (e.g. for a holiday gift), and I will try my best to accommodate that.


What is the commission process like?

First, we discuss the subject, size, and other details of the painting, and I will create a contract with the commission details. I will use Photoshop to create a concept image of what the painting will look like. At this point, you either approve the design or request alterations. I'll then make the painting based on the concept image and our discussions, and ship it to you as soon as it is ready.


How much does a commission cost?

My commissions are priced based on size. The minimum size for a commission is 24in  x 24in Here are some examples:

24 x 24: $2700

36 x 36: $$4600

48 x 48: $8000

40 x 60: $8800

48 x 72: $12000

48 x 96: $16000

72 x 96: $24000


50% of the cost is due prior to starting the painting process, and the remaining 50% is due upon completion of the painting, prior to shipping (or at the time of receipt, for local pickups).

Additional costs/deposits may apply if you would like me to travel to a specific location to take reference photos (e.g. specific photos of San Francisco/California), if you request additional revisions, etc.


How do I submit a commission request?

Please submit all requests to

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